Mondriaan 1.10a 1.0

Mondriaan 1.10a 1.0


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Have you ever been jealous on artists and home decorators who create the most beautiful color combinations? Here is a program to assist you in doing the same!. Mondriaan shows color panes, that keep changing colors. Fine compination can be saved.

It runs under Windows 95/98/00/NT/XP. Mondriaan can be freely downloaded.
Mondriaan is bi-lingual. The help pages too. If you are using a Dutch version of Windows, then Mondriaan is Dutch too. Otherwise Mondriaan speaks English.
Mondriaan hase a context sensitive help system.

Mondriaan shows an adjustable number of color panes. These panes change color at adjustable intervals. With Mondriaan you can:

Configure the time interval between two color combinations.
Save beautiful combinations for later use.
Put Mondriaan into the Full Screen mode.
Freeze the current color combination.
Continue varying colors.
Hide the title bar so only the color panes will be visible.
Release notes: New Release
TE Small improvements.
[ Mondriaan full changelog ]

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

Tags: generate color   color Combination   combine color   color   combine   combination  

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